Posted on Nov 26, 2020

Stardust Cellars Taproom

🙏 We just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of our supporters throughout this wonderful journey at Stardust Cellars. Without the support of friends, family and the community here in NC we never would have gotten this dream of ours off the ground. 🍷

❤️ Thank you to the bloggers who write about our hard work and get the name out across NC.
❤️ Thank you to the press that shared our story in Wilkes when the taproom first began and continues today.
❤️ Thank you to the employees who take Stardust Cellars to a level of excellence that I never could.
❤️ Thank you to our loyal customers who stick with us through the best and worst of times.
❤️ Thank you to those who enjoy the tried and true Stardust wines and meads. T
❤️ Thank you to the adventurous who come for the funky piquettes and small batch meads.
❤️ Thank you to the creators and collaborators.
❤️ Thank you to the beekeepers and musicians (and Shay for both!).
❤️ Thank you to the homebrewers who are always welcome to trade and drink into the night with us.
❤️ Thank you to the competition, of which I have enjoyed both in friendship and the comradery that pushes us to excel.
❤️ Thank you Mother Earth for the grapes and honey we enjoy and the Stardust that makes all this possible.

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